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Dear Family Members:

As you are aware, we are quickly approaching our 2014 McRae Family Reunion, May 23-26, 2014 @ The Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA.  If you need more information regarding this exciting event, please refer to our website at

This correspondence is being sent to you to communicate very important information you need to know to assist you in planning to arrive in May.  All hotel reservations at the Great Wolf Lodge must be completed by Friday, February 21, 2014 no later than 5:00 p.m. in order to secure a family reunion discount.  Please know that there will be NO exceptions to this deadline, under any circumstances. Reservations made beyond this date will be the responsibility of the guest and not members of the reunion committees.  

Please note that guests not staying at the Great Wolf Lodge under the McRae Family Reservation will not be entitled to the perks of those family and guest registered at The Great Wolf Lodge under the McRae Family Reservation.  At this point, all rooms must be secured by the completion of an authorization form and the authorization of the first night deposit of $272.83 on a credit or debit card.  At the time of check-in, you will be responsible for the remaining balance of $545.66 PLUS an incidental charge of $130.00 which will only be blocked on your card, but released upon your check-out.  For more information regarding room reservations until February 22, 2014, please call Mr. Kenneth McNeill @ 910-322-4889.

Perks for the registered guests at The Great Wolf Lodge under the McRae Family Reservation will include the following:

a. 1 meal, per registered guest, Friday, May 23, 2014  (See Itinerary)

b. 2 meals, per registered guest, Saturday, May 24, 2014 (See Itinerary)

c. 1 meal, per registered guest, Sunday, May 25, 2014 (See Itinerary)

d. Free entry to the on-site water park, per registered guest (a $40 per person value)

Guests not registered with The Great Wolf Lodge under The McRae Family Reunion Reservation must pay for all of the above listed events, separately.  Checks or credit cards will not be accepted.

· To receive any event paraphernalia, including reunion t-shirts, please refer to our website at 

· Family members living in the NC area will carpool to VA. Driving directions from NC to the hotel will be provided upon request. For family members living in the NY area, a coach bus will be provided for transportation.  For more information, please contact Ms. Lesia Graham-Williams at 347-479-9372.


McRae Family Reunion Committee

Northern and Southern Committees