Allen & Frances McRae Decendants

       Together we stand, divided we fall.

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Allen McRae was born in Roberson County, North Carolina. in 1858. He died May 23, 1925 at the age of 67. His body is laid to rest at the Hoke County Community Cemetery. Allen had three brothers: William, George and Benjamin McRae

He married Frances McFarland McRae. Year of birth 1864, Date unknown, died April, 8, 1936 at the age of 72. This union was blessed with fifteen children.  Frances had two sisters Hanna Galberth and Flora 

  Frances McRae

Allen & Frances Children:  

Charlie McRae, David McRae, Will McRae, Pete McRae, John McRae,  Arthur McRae, 

Vinnie Purcell, Katie Adams, Isabell Graham, Mary McFadgion McMillian, Emma McRae, 

Lucy McRae, Fannie McRae, Anna Melvin, & Ola Lunch